Saturday, February 15, 2014

Take A Seat

Well our 65 year old, plastic bubbling, grimy, pink toilet was laid to rest today. And I could not be more excited! I can't believe it even lasted that long. It kind of sicks me out if I think about it to much.

A few weeks ago, every time you flushed the toilet, it would leak into a good sized puddle. We have tile floors, so we would just wipe it up, sanitize, and keep on movin'. I finally reached the end of my rope though. It was the moment I walked into the bathroom and saw josh sopping up the freshly made puddle with the bath mat. That's right, the mat my clean feet step on each time I get out of the shower. How many days/weeks had he been doing this? I know I hadn't washed the bath mat lately. And let's be honest, I know Josh wouldn't have washed it. Have I mentioned how fun it is to try to figure out how to live with a guy? Needless to say, we needed a new toilet...and bath mat maybe. So that's what we did Saturday. Nothing says bonding like installing toilets. 

We mulled seriously over the options of toilets (if having a tape measure on your jeans doesn't scream serious, I don't know what does)

We picked out our new one
......and a few herbs to be planted, because let's get real here, no way was I actually gonna be involved in touching all parts of a 65 year old toilet...I had better things to do. Like plant. I definitely got the better end of the odor job here.

Then we installed it. Well, Josh installed it and I laughed as he moaned about blue plastic gloves and kept making vomiting sounds. 
I didn't last long. I just came back at the end to see the new piece of beauty.
And what a beauty she is! No more pink. And certainly no more plastic that would bubble up. Pure toilet bliss.

I guess I can look past my now nasty bath mat and appreciate Joshy for saving us a few bucks by replacing the toilet himself. I guess I'll keep him around for now. The bath mat, not so much!


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