Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oysters and the Locals

You shuck them, then you rear your head back and put the tip of the shell to your mouth, and finally tip the whole thing (liquid and all) so it basically slides down your throat all in one fell swoop. Trust me, you do not want to be chewing on an oyster. I mean they do kind of emulate a loogie. A really really salty loogie. Sorry, I had to say it. But boy do Josh and I love em'.

We don't however, love them when they are the size of our hands. On those instances, we choose to go the cracker and cocktail sauce route. A little chewing involved, but manageable with some substance of a cracker. Definitely a good route if you're trying these things for the first time!

Sometimes, we wake up on the weekend and just have a hankerin' for them. Nothing fancy and definitely not a full meal. The best place in town for such a hankering is Felix Oyster Bar.

                                                                 oh how handsome he is!

Across from Acme Oyster house, there is nothing pretentious about this place. You can wait for a table and have a dozen or more delivered to you. You can blend in with the tourists and just enjoy. Or, you can be like a local and just stand (or sit) at the bar. That's right, an oyster bar. Behind the counter they have men shucking oysters right there in front of you. There is whole trough filled with unopened oysters waiting to be eaten. They shuck em, you shoot em, and just lay the leftover right there on the counter. You can even ask them to give you small ones if you want. You can have one or you can have fifty. Just wherever the day takes you.

It was at this very bar we were called "locals" for the first time. It was an exciting, thirlling time! Oh the little things in life. Oddly enough, it wasn't because we chose to eat at the bar or that we were walking out and about in the rain without ponchos. It was actually because of the alcohol. Or lack there of it, it turns out. We had parked our butts up at the bar and ordered a few oysters when the guy behind the counter said "can I get you a beer or anything?". We just wanted oysters, so we declined telling him just that. That's when he said it. I wish I could have recorded it!  "Oh, yall must be from here. All these tourists just want to get drunk and the oysters are a side thing." Our ears perked up and we smiled at him a bit and said, "why yes we are actually." For the next 45 minutes or so (now that he had figured out we were not crazy tourists) we chatted with the local Felix oyster shucker. We talked about his family, the food, the Saints, and he even told us a few crazy stories of some of the things he had seen on Bourbon Street.

Things are different when you're a local. What can I say, it's just a matter of fact. Well, that day at least! Other times you can DEFINITELY tell we are not from here. But, after 2 years of living in the Big Easy we are certainly well on our way. I will take the small successes wherever I can get em'!


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