Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Get On The Rug"

We woke up yesterday morning to rain. Lots and lots of rain. Fortunately for me, I have a fur child that actually likes the rain and will willingly go outside to potty without me having to entice him. No dragging or pushing happening here. Just the opening of the door. Unfortunately for me, he tends to stay out a fuzz longer than I prefer in the pouring rain. Knowing this (and being ruled by my dog), I just go and grab an old grubby towel we can use to wipe him down when he decides to come back in.

Mornings with Drake is the hub's responsibility. He feeds him and let's him go potty. Well, he was running a little late and I thought I would chip in. I let him out and then go and grab the towel from the laundry room. I even take the effort to lay the towel out close to the door. Good thinking I thought! Since I know Drake will be out there a bit, I mosey my way back into the bathroom to finish my hair. By this time Josh is in the kitchen and I can hear him let Drake back in. And that's when I hear it. Like clock work. "Drake get on the rug".

 I IMMEDIATELY know what is going on. I come flying out of the bathroom, arms flailing, and immediately start yelling, NO drake, come here!! I look at Josh dumbfounded, and sadly enough he was giving me the same stare back, as if I were some crazy person. I'm sorry I thought, why are you giving me the look? He looks at me and casually says "at least the rug would catch some of his dog prints instead of our wood floors." "It can't be that hard to clean, its a cheap rug." I just look up at him, feeling defeated at this point, and say- "that's why I laid the towel out, so you could give him a quick dry off before letting him run through the house." His reply, "Oh, I didn't think about that."

My shoulders drop and my head sinks. Another classic moment of men and women trying to live together (or maybe just Josh and I?).

Same logic, just different outcomes.

I'm probably never going to alter Josh's way of thinking about the towel, just as he will never (ever ever ever ever) alter my way of thinking about the rug. No use in yelling. So that leaves only a few things to do....

1) Shake my head and laugh (mainly at how men think....I mean really?!)
2) Keep an arsenal of cleaning supplies around  the house just for instances like this. (and occassionally make Josh do the clean-up...still hoping this helps alter his thinking...)
3) Continue to buy the cheap decor so it can get dirty and the hubs can justify it.

Oh men. And Dogs.


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