Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Garden Vs. Thumb-The Battle is On

I have a black thumb. I could kill any living plant I can get my hands on. And sadly, I have. I have killed orchids, ferns, shrubs, and even cactuses. I mean who can kill a cactus. They don't even take an effort to keep alive. They don't even have pretty flowers that will wilt or stems that will start to slump over. Its like I go to get my cute new plant and the minute it sees my thumb reaching for its container at the Home Depot, it decides to start dying right then and there. The black thumb of death. Won't even give me a chance. So logically, what do me and the hubs decide to do this year.....plant a garden. Yes, you heard me right, a plot of soil to grow a variety of hard to grow vegetables that take a lot of knowledge of how to cultivate and also constant maintenance. Do you water it every day, or just when the roots begin to feel dry? Do you put it in full sun or partial sun? Do you give it fertilizer or nutrients? Compost or regular soil? Don't worry, I am thinking the same thing. What have I done? If I can't keep my ivy, that sits in a windowsill and requires no maintenance alive, how am I suppose to care for a garden?? To be honest, I still don't know. I just know I refuse to let this black thumb of mine get the better of me!

And so it's begun, our journey through the trials and tribulations of a vegetable garden.

After a ton of research (even companion planting---that's right, I'm getting hard core about my efforts), for our early season planting we went with red leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, onion, and a strawberry plant.

My hubs got out his trusty tools, carpentry skills, and sweat and put them to good use building this beautiful raised bed.  He is a handy thing. I think I will keep him around.

To bad I couldn't get him to carry the 40 lb mulch bags by himself from the truck to the back yard. Im now rethinking the whole "keeping around", or at least my arms are. About 30 bags of top soil, mulch, compost, and fertilizer, we were ready to go. Got out my row planning guide and we sowed our seeds. A day and a half later we had ourselves the making of a small garden.

Fingers crossed my seeds didn't react to seeing my thumbs the way the plants normally do....or that Josh's thumbs are a form of a green goddess!

Wishful thinking,

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