Saturday, February 1, 2014

Easy as Pie

Whoever said the way to a man's heart was through his stomach? I think they forgot the other variation to this saying. Yep, it definitely should read-the way to a woman's heart is through the man's stomach. Scratching your head yet? Are you feeling a little mislead? Let me enlighten you then! 

You see, you can make an apple pie to land the guy (do you like me ability to rhyme). You get the ring, have a big ole wedding, move into a home together, and then start livin' your lives. Love grows as fast as the dirty dishes, or laundry, dog hair tumble weeds floating around the house, or even the grime in the bathrooms. This happened to me you see (there I go again with my rhymes). And here we are, a year and a half  later. I no longer desire flowers on a whim or a candlelit dinner. What gets me happy is seein' my hubs with a vacuum, and sometimes with the rubber gloves! What a glorious sight it is, some days it even brings a tear to my eye. 

So, back to pies now that you have landed the guy.  A year and a half later, pies are no longer made to make my hubs heart flutter. They are made to make my heart flutter-and here's how. Let's be honest if your guy is anything like mine, the chances of the hubs "willingly" or even "wanting" to do housework is about as "willingly" or "wanting" as my desire to gut a fish. Here is where it dawned on me.....he may not like housework, but he sure loves pies. He may not want to clean the bathroom, but he might for pie. BRILLIANT!! Nobel peace prize material right here. So here is what you do.

1) Casually tell him you have been looking at new pie recipes (gets his stomach thinking)
2) Tell him about all the fabulous recipes you have found and how delicious they look (show him a picture---his mouth is likely to water by now)

**By this point, he is hooked. You got him. He is gonna do anything for that glorious piece of pie

3) You bring out your bargaining guns. "OK honey, if you clean the bathroom, I will slave away over the stove making you apple pie." He wants that pie bad enough..his hatred of cleaning bathrooms will wash away.
4) You bake pie and he makes your bathroom sparkle. His heart is happy and now, so is yours.

**Disclaimer---after many time doing this (our poor waistlines) my hubs has begun to catch on. He now says, "I will clean the bathrooms for pie." So I begin to make the pie and he doesn't make a move for the bathroom. "Something" will come up. Now he has pie and I still have a dirty bathroom. Don't worry though, I am trickier than he is! I lovingly cut his piece of pie, top it off with ice-cream, and let him eat in glorious delight. I don't even say a word about the bathrooms. I don't have to. I know tomorrow he is gonna remember that pie and want it again. Only this time I will hold it hostage until the bathroom is clean. There is nothing worse than a man who has tasted the pie, craves the pie, has it in arms reach, and then its snatched away. Plus, his conscience will kick in and he will begin to feel guilty that he has already had a piece and he hasn't done his end of the deal. Again, you win!

So do you see how they left out this vital piece of information?? Better breakout your cookbooks, and maybe your running shoes, and get to it. Here are some of my go to recipes:

Land the Guy Pies: (these are a bit more labor intensive and impressive)
Martha Stewart Homemade Apple Pie
Allrecipes-Grandma Ople's Apple Pie

You Got the Guy Pies (very rustic and SO easy to whip up-a winner since it's probably harder to clean the bathroom)
John Folse Skillet Apple Pie    **this one is by far our favorite anyways!

Happy in Pie

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