Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Tale of A Basketcase

It would have been too easy for Josh and I to just get engaged and plan a wedding. You know the old saying "Go big or go home", well that's just what we did.

In less than a year's time he put a ring on it, got a 6 month internship in NOLA, temporarily moved to NOLA, was so awesome the firm couldn't bare to let him go so he got a permanent position and then called me to tell me the good news. I cried, like a small child, a little out of happiness and a lot out of sadness for leaving my hometown and family. But, I bucked up and dried my tears (momentarily), went looking for a job in NOLA and then landed my job. We then decided to buy a house. We found a house that needed a little work and then also decided to do the work ourselves. Oh, and did I mention we were planning our wedding that was taking place back home, almost 10 hours away  (thank goodness for my mom for going to all my vendor appointments and making sure everything was perfect)!

We can do this we thought. Won't be a problem. Piece of cake. I can handle the pressures of a new city, new job, hometown ties, and renovating a house. It would be fun to put our blood, sweat, and tears into making a home to start our lives together. WRONGOOOOOO. The blood came, the sweat came, and the tears came. But they were not fun and they were certainly not pretty. Josh was much better at it than I was. I can promise you, you wouldn't find him balled up in a dark closet crying from frustration and exhaustion. Sadly, that is where you could find me…..most of the time. At least I  know all the intricate details of our closet now? No, that statement didn't convince me either that I wasn't a complete basket case. Poor Josh. We weren't even married yet. Trooper for still going through with the wedding (or just plain dumb?)

Our 1960's home came complete with our very own pink master bathroom.  Pink sink, pink counter, and pink toilet-original might I add. It came with kitchen drawers that didn't have backs. It even came with pink tile floors through the main living areas of the house. Geez someone really liked pink. Overall, the house wasn't bad. Definitely a manageable goal. Lucky for me, the hubs is an architect and worked construction for 3 years. Unlucky for him that I had a major tendency (more like a hard-core habit) to treat him like a paid worker instead of a life partner. What can I say, my basket case abilities got the better of me. I'm still finding ways to apologize for it. Pie anyone? After two years of owning the sucker we have put our own touches into it and have really made it into something we love. There is still work to be done (sadly the bathroom is still pink and the original toilet now leaks), but we are well on our way.

Here some of the before pics. I know, it could have been a LOT worse. By no means a "gut", just a little sprucing up!

Still having basket-case tendencies,

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