Friday, January 31, 2014

Ice Balls......

Well, we survived! It was touch and go there for a while, but we did indeed survive the horrific NOLA ice-snow storm of 2014. Pandemonium broke out and the whole city shut down for two days.  Banks shut their doors, restaurants closed, and even city hall closed up shop. Grocery stores had people flocking to the bottled water….and the beer isle. I mean let's face it, how can people in a city known for Bourbon Street and a drink called the "Hurricane" survive without beer if they were to lose power for a few days? No fun would be had, no joy would be seen. Snow that falls maybe every ten years would not have near the magic it could if they didn't have their drink of choice to help fulfill the experience. I'm  only kidding, the hot chocolate isle was pretty hopin' to. (Or am I?)  So in case you missed it, this is what the NOLA ice-snow storm of 2014 looked like. 

Pretty frightening, I know.  How did we ever get through it…...

Now as a northern Arkansas girl, I know what snow and ice is. I know what's its truly like to be without power due to inches of ice covering the power lines. I know what it's like to be knee deep in the white powdery stuff……this…this was absolutely nothing close to that. How can Louisianans even call what you're seeing a snow day?? I'm not sure what was sadder… a snow day without building snowman or the young neighbor kids taking small amounts of sleet from our cars to have snowball (or ice) fights. Poor kids, thinking this is what a snow days really look like. Probably have no idea what a snowball really feels like.

My "fur kid" playing in the "snow"

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